group one drive

OneDrive for Business, as part of the Microsoft Office 365 offering, stands out from other storage offerings because it gives you:

  • Security Features you can use to help protect sensitive information and comply with industry-standard regulations.*
  • All-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid-cloud options so you can store and access your files virtually anytime, anywhere.
  • Seamless use of Microsoft tools to view, edit, sync, and share documents.
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your employees’ files are separate from public data.
  • Minimized need for third-party software by gaining access to built-in features such as multiuse co-authoring, full text search and eDiscovery.
  • More space for your data with 1 TB of personal storage per user.**

*Learn more about industry standards on the Office 365 Trust Center.

**1 TB storage plans have been announced and are currently rolling out to customers over the next few months.



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