Weighted Down By Infrastructure Complexity?


Technology evolves at a frenetic pace. Today, smartphone memory and processor speeds eclipse the specs of your once state-of-the-art server. You know better than anyone that it’s not just the velocity of change that’s made managing your current infrastructure messy. Inefficient. Costly. It’s the depth and breadth of complexity.

To free your infrastructure from the restrictions of the past, consider the Microsoft Cloud: a powerhouse of managed and unmanaged services you can use to build, deploy, and manage applications your way. With the agility, speed, and efficiency needed to traverse from your datacenter to the cloud and back. And the uptime and performance your agency requires—for an economical total cost of ownership.

The enterprise-grade hybrid Microsoft Cloud platform—Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2—can open a new world of possibilities for your government, health, or public safety organization.

No choosing between your on-premises datacenter and public cloud.

Not only this platform or that language.

Not simply a single toolset or framework.

Just the ability to cost-effectively expand your IT options and your flexibility—without adding complexity.

As an experienced Microsoft Partner,blog1 is uniquely equipped to help you transform your infrastructure. Freeing you to address your community’s current challenges and preparing you to capture emerging opportunities to pioneer innovation and further your organization’s mission.

Ready to simplify your infrastructure? We’re ready to help.

Shawn Peoples

Sr. Network Engineer