Where do we go from here? Getting ahead of your IT growth as your business grows.

I am sure this is a question that gets brought up in your business all the time, regardless of the size of your company, but I’d like to focus on my friends in Small to Medium Sized Business.

I will tell you that most of the IT people in the world understand you don’t want to call us, that we are harbingers of bad news. Usually, it’s similar to when you are sick, you call us when it’s broken, bleeding, battered not just when we can put a bandage on it or tell you to take two aspirin and call us if it persists. What if I told you there’s a way to change that? That’s why managed services exist. Let the experts take the burden on for you.

We understand what it’s like to be a SMB too. Trust me, in all the organizations I’ve been with, I too would attempt shortcuts. I’ve done my own payroll then farmed it out because it’s complicated and time consuming. We probably all use an accountant to lessen our burden with the taxman. I have tried to learn and master the arts of marketing and SEO on my own and end up having to ask friends to assist, in exchange for resolving their issues with email or some other IT related issues. Some of you will read this on our client’s blog at Assessment Technology Group, which they are helping you navigate the hiring process and you probably got in touch with them because vetting candidates can be so tedious and has to absolutely be done right the first time. I have many friends that work in some type of industry with benefits because of the everchanging landscape it needs to be done by someone else who’s informed, but I know I tried to figured it out myself because of the cost, but didn’t figure in my time spent, possibly the most important commodity in business.

I know many of you will do similar things with IT. You’ll call that friend that’s tech savvy (I personally have done this, paid in beer or barter or not at all), or you got that staff member who knows just slightly more than just turning on the computer. (It’s a matter of using the best tool in the toolbox, a Google search). This is probably the most common growing pain we see. Most of these type scenarios it’s because you can’t wait anymore and need immediate response.

There are plenty of companies like the one I am proud to work for that want to be your strategic partner and take care of and be your safety net. Techs are just wired that way, we love to solve problems and make people feel secure. We want to share the passion for IT and how it improves your life, and ultimately saves you time and money. Anytime we are discussing a project, it’s these words that come to mind, “How can we save money and time for our client?” Whether it’s managed services, hosting or one time projects you can afford, I would love for us to be that team.

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Jeremy Chase-Director of Business Development, Astute Network Technology