Project SOS was established 20 years ago by Dr. Pam Mullarkey to help young adults strive…

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Company Overview

Project SOS was established 20 years ago by Dr. Pam Mullarkey to help young adults strive in everyday life. The function of this organization is to help individuals discover skills needed to set personal limitations and improve skills needed to make healthy life choices.

The organization has reached out to over 380,000 young people about setting goals, refusal skills, boundaries, bullying, avoiding drugs and alcohol, teen violence and suicide. Project SOS has had the privilege to serve young people not only North Florida and Southeast Georgia, but in Russia, Uganda and Haiti also.

Background of Technology Needs

Project SOS needed a solution to manage their documents, emails, and other technology resources. They realized they needed a way to share files with users in multiple locations and Exchange mail tools. Also, their accounting procedures required a better solution to manage their daily non-profit necessities.

Solutions Built for Project SOS

Therefore we created a strategic plan to implement their organization into Office 365. Within the resources of Office 365 we were able to share their documents with their 30 users, develop procedures within Exchange using corporate calendar and contacts features. In regards to making their QuickBooks work more efficiently we moved to our partner’s (IT CloudVision) solutions hosted QuickBooks services.


Implementing these changes allowed Project SOS to function more efficiently and reach their clients and community partners.