Project Nefcon


Company Overview

NEFCON stands for Northeast Florida Contracting. On a daily basis their goal is to maintain clientele relationships and withstand all construction phases in a timely manner. NEFCON’s morals are known to exceed customer expectations.

Background of Technology Needs

Assist in develop procedures to access their cloud/network environment local and mobile from any job site. The NEFCON team needed resources to quickly access data with their vendors i.e. architects, subcontractors, and developers. With that, NEFCON’s management team wants to make sure that their team is able to access their internal office data and network resources from any device 24/7.

Solutions Built for NEFCON

Therefore, we created a specialized environment using Office 365 and a Remote Desktop managed solution with IT CloudVision to maximize utilizations. ANT constructed the network environment for NEFCON using the resources of these two entities to share resources and increase availability.


The users are able to work from the local environment accessing all network resources and mobilize their workforce with Windows and Android tablets. Also, end users have the ability to RDP (Remote Desktop) and access all their files through Sharepoint and OneDrive on their IOS and Android devices.